Negotiation Challenge Prepare to be challenged!

Negotiation tactic # 13 Onus Transfer

What would we need to do for you to grant us exclusivity?

Onus transfer places the burden (or 'onus') on the other party to tell you what they would need

Negotiation Infographic 13 Onus Transfer - 01

Negotiation tactic # 12 Mantra

We won't accept price rises!
We won't accept price rises!
We won't accept price rises!
We won't accept price rises!
We won't accept price rises!
We won't accept price rises!

Negotiation Infographic 12 Mantra - 01

Negotiation tactic # 11 Take it or leave it

In The Godfather, Luca Brasi suggested to a movie director that "either his signature or his brains would wind up on the contract". The Director agreed!

This is an example of Take It Or Leave It, an ultimatum that is designed to signal that no further negotiation is possible.

Negotiation Infographic 11 Take it or leave it - 01

Negotiation tactic # 10 Split the Difference

You are at $90, and the other party has offered $110

If they make a proposal to "split the difference", where will that be?

Negotiation Infographic 10 Split the difference - 01

Negotiation tactic # 9 Short and Sweet

Less is more

The more we say, the more likely we are to tie ourselves up in knots

Negotiation Infographic 9 Short and Sweet - 01

Negotiation tactic # 8 Nickel & Diming

How much is an economy seat on a budget airline?


What isn't included? Food? Baggage? In flight entertainment?

Negotiation Infographic 8 Nickel and Dime - 01

Negotiation tactic # 7 The Flinch

Roger Moore made a career out of raising one eyebrow

How do we communicate non-verbally?

Negotiation Infographic 7 Flinch - 01

Negotiation tactic # 6 Diminishing Returns

It's a little bit higher than we were expecting…

Aww, that's nice! Just a little bit?

Negotiation Infographic 6 Diminishing Returns - 01

Negotiation tactic # 5 Salami Slice

Can you provide a cost breakdown?

Why do buyers ask for a cost breakdown?

Negotiation Infographic 5 Salami Slice - 01

Negotiation tactic # 4 Trojan Horse

The printer is only $50.

But the printer cartridges are $100 each! What can you about a Trojan Horse?

Negotiation Infographic 4 Trojan Horse - 01

Negotiation tactic # 3 Out of your depth

You don't know much about (insert name of category here)?

What do you say or do next ?

Negotiation Infographic 3 Out of your depth - 01

Negotiation tactic # 2 Bridging

I'm looking to 5% to 10% off!

Why is that poor practice?
Negotiation Infographic 2 Bridging - 01

Negotiation tactic # 1 Absent Authority

Head office won't let me!

What do you say next?

Negotiation Infographic 1 Absent Authority - 01